"I empower passionate women leaders to change their reality with money, selling, and fundraising so they can attract the level of abundance they desire with ease." 

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

  • You are know in your head that you're a powerful leader and visionary 

  • You have big dreams about the leader you can be and the impact you can make



  • You deal with perfectionism that sometimes leads to anxiety, stress, self-doubt, and in-action

  • You don't have a kind or compassionate relationship with yourself (i.e. you would never talk to your friends the way you talk to yourself)

  • You admire (and sometimes feel jealous of) other women who are authentic and embodied versions of themselves. You wonder what it would be like to live life staying true to yourself and your values at all times.

I totally get it. Five years ago, I felt every single thing on that list. But that gnawing feeling, the one that's telling you that you were made for more? That's the TRUTH - that's your intuition. The problem is, you have other thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from hearing that truth all the time - which is what you need to become her). Find out how my approach will help you unleash. 

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  • Build your confidence

  • Unlock your potential 

  • Discover your fundraising superpower (you DO have one!)

  • Build the right partnerships 

  • Make your biggest ask

  • Have more fun!

  • Pipeline analysis 

  • Prospect pipeline creation

  • Strategic planning

  • Organizational development 

  • Team consensus building 

  • Board support

  • Training & facilitation



"Asking for money - donations or investments - brings up a lot of our vulnerabilities. We focus too much on having all of the 'hard skills' and we obsess about the perfection of our materials. The truth is, how we show up is what matters. Once we learn to identify our self-critic, make decisions from a place of empowerment, and tap into our authenticity, we can make harder asks and fundraise in a way that genuinely transforms our organizations."

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