I have spent the last 13 years in social impact sectors focused on education reform, climate justice, as well as environmental and health education and equity. I have served as the Managing Director and Executive Director of multiple organizations and have had significant fundraising requirements in all of my leadership roles.


Once I became a coach, I recognized my limitations around fundraising. So, I started putting coaching tools and strategies into practice in my own work (the same tools that I’ll be teaching others in my one-on-one coaching program). The results were tremendous. In 6 months, I tripled the amount of money I had brought in during the previous 12 months.


This personal experience reinforced for me that our particular field needs tailored and personalized Executive Coaching. Unlike your typical coach and consultant, I will work with you to understand the challenges in your organization, your unique barriers, and break down what is truly inhibiting your success, so that you can see impactful, long-term, and sustainable development.


My Nonprofit Superpowers Include: 

  • Major gift identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship

  • Corporate sponsorships 

  • Corporate Foundations

  • Family Foundations

  • Grassroots campaign design and management  

My Startup Superpowers Include: 

  • Seed and early-stage funding 

  • Ongoing investor relations

  • Strategic partnerships


Mallory is an incredibly caring, calm, and inspiring coach. With a coaching background myself, I find it important to work with someone who really understands how to focus a session, provide targeted goal- setting and next steps, while creating a space where I can bring my full experience to our work together and know it is valued and appreciated. As a Development Director for a small organization, I worked in small team and even in the first session with Mallory, I felt like I had an extra teammate in her that could help me creatively see solutions to challenges with ease. I would absolutely recommend Mallory to anyone looking to take their work to the next level!

—  Lara Morgan, Development Director at Equal Rights Advocates 


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