Do you want to let go of mistakes more easily, decrease your anxiety, and stop the constant negative self-talk so that you can build the confidence you deserve?

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My Story

When I was 22, I got my first promotion. At first, I was SO excited about managing a program and people older than me. But pretty soon, the fear set in, and the doubt, and the negative self-talk. What did I know that could be helpful to others? I felt like I was playing dress-up and doing some form of ‘fake adult-ing. I thought that one day people would realize that I didn’t know what I was doing and put me back in my place. But I kept getting promoted and given additional responsibilities, so I just continued moving along doing the best adult-ing I knew how.

Some days were fine, but I didn’t feel successful or confident (even when I figured out how to fake it). I always felt anxious and stressed, and every time I would make a mistake I would obsess about it for days, sometimes weeks or months. My energy was always tense and serious, I didn’t know how to laugh things off or take mistakes in stride and I didn’t understand how sometimes, even when I would give something my all, it wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to.

When I was dealing with all of these challenges, I was desperate to talk to someone who had figured it out. And I was so lucky to find a Life Coach who guided me through a process of self-discovery and empowerment. My personal experience is why I love working with people like YOU, because I WAS you, and I want to share all that I have learned and the skills and tools that have allowed me to THRIVE.

RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Masters in Education, Graduated from BJ Fogg's Behavior Change Bootcamp, current student at iPEC (CPC, ELI-MP, COR.E, ICF), 10 years of management coaching in the non-profit sector.

My Work With Clients

I work with clients in an individualized and customized way. No two women are the same, and everyone deserves the time and space to explore strategies and tools that are going to work for them. Controlling your mind and shifting your life takes considerable practice and you deserve a coach focused on your personalized growth plan.

I work with people in 10-session blocks. On occation, I will work with someone for less time around a very specific issue. However, if you are looking for quick fix, coaching isn’t for you. Actually changing your life is about changing small things every single day. It’s about practice and accountability. It takes time, but you are worth it!

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