Individual Coaching

Weekly 60min sessions for -12 months

For Executive Directors & Development Directors

For Fundraising Executives and Directors, the Fearless Fundraiser program is a unique and customized coaching program that provides your organization with the insight and professional development support that you need to transform your organization’s fundraising reality. Everyone has a fundraising superpower which can only be discovered through a combination of self and professional exploration around values, priorities, and vision. Some topics we may cover include:

  • Major donor prospecting, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship

  • How to attract and close major donors in a shorter timeline than ever before

  • How to make a big ask

  • How to facilitate a strong donor meeting

  • How to handle a ‘no’ and take it less personally

  • End-of-Year Campaigns & grassroots fundraising 

  • Building a plan to surpass your fundraising goals

  • Creating a predictable revenue strategy

  • How to prioritize your fundraising activities 

Fearless Fundraising Bootcamp 

5 hours - priced per-person

A lot of nonprofit leaders say they know what they need to do to increase their fundraising success, but ‘something’ is holding them back. With the Fearless Fundraising Bootcamp, in 5 hours of individualized coaching, you will uncover what that ‘something’ is and get it out of your way.

This personalized course is a unique executive coaching program that gets to the root of the problem and provides nonprofit leaders with the insight and professional development support they need to transform an organization’s fundraising reality. Through our work together you will...

  • Gain clarity and confidence 

  • Lead your team more effectively

  • Build a fundraising strategy that works

  • Build stronger relationships

  • Create a reliable donor pipeline

  • Ask for more & raise more



11:30 am

Before launching my coaching practice, I spent twelve years in fast-paced, mission-driven organizations focusing on people, program, and fund development. Over my career, I've coached individuals, managers, fundraisers, boards, and teams. In addition, I've stewarded organizations through strategic planning processes and helped build capacity in every role from a Launch Consultant to Executive Director. My custom consulting offerings provide both strategic and operational support in combination with targeting coaching that can help your employees understand what is holding them back from peak performance, lead from wherever they are, communicate better with others, and increase their overall impact. I only take two retainer clients at a time. Email to join the waitlist now.


Jonathan Kaufman

Founder at Full Circle Solutions

Mallory brings a unique blend of empathy and action to her management that allowed me to push myself during the time we worked together. She is a dynamic director, equally skilled at program development, fundraising, and strategic planning. She brings vision and drive to the places she works.

Joanne Schneider Demeireles

Co-Founder/Head Of Product At Kindbody

"Now that I've worked with Mallory, I believe everyone would benefit from coaching. In each session I gain a clearer perspective about what I want and what's holding me back. She helps me to break down my mindset, behaviors, and circumstances to sift through what is under my control and what my choices are. I leave feeling both heard and challenged, and I've been so impressed with her structure, objectivity, and empathy. I noticed a shift in the energy I bring into the workplace in just a few sessions." - Joanne Schneider DeMeireles, Co-Founder / Head of Product at Kindbody

Sarah Blumenfeld

Development Director at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation

Anyone working with Mallory is very fortunate and can only benefit with her on their team. She is a smart, dedicated professional who knows how to prioritize, has a vision for the big picture and keeps an eye on the details. Her passion for her work or cause inspires others. 

Amelia Dmowska

Nonprofit Professional

Mallory exemplifies the word “empowering”. She is extremely perceptive, with a keen eye for identifying and building people’s strengths. Her coaching is always incredibly actionable, and I can’t think of a more caring, thoughtful, and inspiring coach. She has helped me better understand and appreciate the most important parts of who I am and who I have the potential to become. I am incredibly grateful for everything I have learned from working with Mallory, as I know her mentorship will benefit every aspect of my future career - and, more broadly, my entire life.

Tara Haskins

KIPP School Teacher

Mallory approaches coaching on a genuine human level, recognizing the strength of each individual person she develops. She draws on her own strengths of compassion and to help others realize their capabilities, even when they doubt themselves.

Kathryn Rummel

Owner, Kreate Photography

I met Mallory when she was the executive director of Global Student Embassy 5 years ago. From the day I met her, I remember thinking "wow, this woman is a powerhouse." I am a business owner in Oakland. Mallory is always the first person I call to get honest, professional and heartfelt advice with management, employee performance improvement tactics, and business strategy. In addition to seeking business advice from Mallory, she is also the first person that I call when I need personal advice during challenging times. Mallory has helped me feel empowered in my decisions by truly listening, and providing empathetic and thoughtful feedback. Mallory's demeanor is gentle and compassionate. She has helped me work through some of the most difficult things that I have faced in my life. Mallory has helped me realize my ability to move through painful times with confidence, clarity, and self-love rather than giving into insecurity and self-doubt. This woman has been a true blessing in my life, and I cannot recommend her more highly.

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