Early-stage funding depends on YOU. How you show up as a leader and visionary will determine what your early rounds of investment look like. But it can be hard to stay magnetic and engaging in the midst of the stress and anxiety of a raise. What you're feeling is normal - asking for money brings out our worst self-critics and vulnerabilities. But there is a way to take control and show up as your best self every step of the way.




For CEOs & Founders

For CEOs and Founders, The Fearless Fundraiser is a unique coaching program that provides your organization with the insight and professional development support that you need to transform your organization’s fundraising reality. Everyone has a fundraising superpower which can only be discovered through a combination of self and professional exploration around values, priorities, and vision. Some topics we may cover include:

  • Finalizing your pitch deck

  • Setting the timeline for your raise

  • Prospect identification 

  • Leveraging your network and asking for introductions 

  • How to handle a 'no' without letting it through you off your game

  • How to bring your best self to every pitch 




Jonathan Kaufman

Founder at Full Circle Solutions

Mallory brings a unique blend of empathy and action to her management that allowed me to push myself during the time we worked together. She is a dynamic director, equally skilled at program development, fundraising, and strategic planning. She brings vision and drive to the places she works.

Joanne Schneider Demeireles

Co-Founder/Head Of Product At Kindbody

Now that I've worked with Mallory, I believe everyone would benefit from coaching. In each session I gain a clearer perspective about what I want and what's holding me back. She helps me to break down my mindset, behaviors, and circumstances to sift through what is under my control and what my choices are. I leave feeling both heard and challenged, and I've been so impressed with her structure, objectivity, and empathy. I noticed a shift in the energy I bring into the workplace in just a few sessions. 

Kathryn Rummel

Owner, Kreate Photography

From the day I met [Mallory], I remember thinking "wow, this woman is a powerhouse." I am a business owner in Oakland. Mallory is always the first person I call to get honest, professional and heartfelt advice with management, employee performance improvement tactics, and business strategy. Mallory has helped me realize my ability to move through painful times with confidence, clarity, and self-love rather than giving into insecurity and self-doubt. This woman has been a true blessing in my life, and I cannot recommend her more highly.

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