You are capable of so much more than you realize.

Our work together will give you the tools to tap into the deepest and most authentic parts of who you are.

You already have the answers. I will help you access them.

I cannot wait to work with you!


How I Can Support You


  • Identify your authentic self
  • Align your life with purpose
  • Stop obsessing over mistakes
  • Feel empowered and motivated
  • Discover your self-care needs

CAREER COACHING: Perform & Transition

  • Embrace your authentic leadership style
  • Become an effective manager
  • Learn to manage up
  • Build stronger relationships


  • Gain confidence
  • Embrace your authentic self
  • Stay true to your standards
  • Ditch codependency
  • Build your ideal relationship

How does it work?

Coaching is a personal and intimate experience. It is important that clients feel connected to their coach in an open, trusting, and judgment-free dynamic. This is why I require a FREE 30-MINUTE MINI SESSION as a part of the application process. The Mini-Session gives you a chance to experience coaching and find out if we’re a fit and it gives me the opportunity to assess your commitment to this work. All Mini Sessions are on the phone or video chat.

If it’s a fit, we'll start with a Discovery Session, which will help me get to know you better, and during which we'll begin to map some of our work together. All following coaching sessions will be one hour. If you are in the Bay Area, you can schedule in-person coaching at The Lafayette Academy. If you are remote, all coaching sessions are delivered on the phone or video chat.

  • I prefer to work with my clients in a minimum of 10-week increments for results; however, I may be able to do less depending on your unique situation.
  • Your choice: Phone sessions or in-person coaching for local clients.
  • Discovery Sessions are 90 minutes. Regular sessions are 60 minutes. Reach out to inquire about rates!

Are you ready to thrive?


Why do I have to apply?

I am still a part-time non-profit leader, which means I only have a limited number of hours for my private coaching clients. I want to make sure that you and I are the best fit possible! The application is short (and honestly, if you don’t have time for that, you don’t have time for coaching :) ). Once you submit the application, I will reach out to you to do a 30min mini-session to go over the basics and ensure that we are a match!


What is holding you back?

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